When moving in, a checklist will be made available on your login page. This must be completed the day you move in, otherwise the apartment is considered as approved.

The condition report shows the state of the apartment prior to moving in. If there is anything missing or wrong with the apartment, then the tenant should bring this to the attention of the landlord (student administration), to avoid conflicts at a later time. The apartment shall be cleaned when the tenant moves in, if this has not been done contact the Student administration as soon as possible, so that the Service Office can be notified and solve the problem.


The tenant is responsible for the furniture etc. that belong in the apartment. It is not possible to remove/exchange furniture or make changes in the apartment’s fixed installations. If the tenant bring own furniture’s, make sure the apartment doesn’t become over furnished so that the furniture will not be placed near the heater and limit possibilities for emergency escapes.

The tenant is also responsible for their private furnitures regarding damages to walls and floor.  To avoid damage to the floor with heavy furnitures such as a bed or furniture that is beeing pulled along the floor (chair), you must use felt knobs under the legs of the furniture, for floor protection.


Pictures can only be hung on wooden borders on the wall. For apartments that do not have wooden borders, own picture hooks can be used.


Fire extinguisher must not be removed from its place. The tenant is responsible to read the fire instructions. Should the fire department be deployed under a false alarm caused by the tenant, the tenant registered to the room will be held accountable. It is strictly forbidden to cover the smoke detector. Violation will result to a warning and a fine of 1500 NOK.

Emergency exits

Emergency exits as corridors and hallways, must be kept tidy. Bikes, baby carriages, door maths, shoes etc. shall not be kept in these areas. Bikes shall be parked at designated places. Bikes that are parked other places like main entrance will be removed. Door mats and shoes in the corridor are also not allowed.

Peace, order and behaviour

Tenants are obligated to respect Norwegian law. All use of illegal drugs is unacceptable. If the apartment is used in criminal activities – the tenancy contract will be terminated immediately. Tenants are obliged to respect each other’s need for a peaceful living environment. Order should particularly be maintained both in and outside the apartments after 23.00 every day. It is especially emphasized that sound system must not be used as it is a nuisance to other tenants and this is applicable 24 hours a day. Speakers from the sound system must not be placed directly on the floor but a bit up on the floor lever. The building representative or any authorised person, when found necessary, can demand that visitors to leave the apartment and the property. The security patrol can ask for ID-card/identification. If disturbing noise and loud music arises, the tenant may contact the housing administration during opening hours. After opening hours you must contact the security thru telephone 90123952.

Household pests

Pests are discovered from time to time in the student dormitories. Such occurrences should be reported immediately to the administration wherein necessary action is to be done. It is important that food garbage is to be thrown properly every day and that the apartment is to be kept clean in order to avoid pests. Anker Student Housing can make unannounced inspections of the apartment regarding the cleaning.

Garbage disposal 

Waste should be disposed of in containers located in the area. Waste in larger format must be brought to the garbage compactor located at house 2 by the entrance to the garage – left side – entrance from Storgata. If waste is left elsewhere, this will lead to fines. If you have larger items you want to get rid of, you can contact the Service Office who will help you. Without prior notice, the landlord has the right to remove malodorous objects. This also applies to other items that may represent a danger to tenants or the property. If the garbage disposal regulations are not complied with, the landlord may charge the tenant, see price list


It is not allowed to smoke in the apartments or indoor common areas. Smoking will result to a fine. See price list.


BBQ-ing is not permitted on our premises.


The heater must not be covered. Items must be placed at least 30 cm away from the heater.


The vents must not be covered because this will result to imbalance in other apartments.

Common kitchens/hallway (studio apartments)

Six single rooms share one kitchen. It is the tenants’ responsibility to keep the common kitchen and corridors clean and tidy. A cleaning schedule with the responsible room number is usually available in the kitchen. Kitchen and corridors are to be cleaned twice a week. Tenants are advised to make arrangements themselves in cases they need to switch cleaning duties.

The common kitchen is regularly inspected. Usually an inspection note follows the inspector’s visit. (See kitchen rules). If cleaning is unsatisfactory you have to clean again as another inspection follows within a day. If this inspection is not approved the second time, we will do the cleaning but you have to pay for it, see pricing list.

If the tenant does not use the common kitchen, it does not mean that he or she is free from the cleaning responsibility. This responsibility is for all the tenants of apartments connected with the common kitchen.

If the room that is responsible for the cleaning in a particular week, is unoccupied, all tenants in the corridor will be responsible for the cleaning of the common kitchen. A notice “Reminder on collective cleaning of the common kitchen” will be sent to your e-mail on Monday of the cleaning week. Should the cleaning be unsatisfactory, the Service Office will clean the kitchen, but every tenant will be charged, see pricing list

Cleaning of the apartment during the tenancy period

The tenants are responsible for cleaning, order and purchase of what is needed in the apartment

Cleaning inspection when moving out

The tenant is responsible for the cleaning of the apartment before moving out. For those who use the common kitchen, the cleaning also includes the cupboards. Latest one week before moving out, the tenant must schedule a cleaning inspection. This can be done by contacting the Service Office. The tenant shall be present during the inspection. In case the inspection is not scheduled by the tenant, a fee of kr 1500 will be charged to the tenant. In addition, there will be a fee for extra cleaning per hour. See price list. The tenant will have to make an appointment for cleaning inspection, by contacting the Service office. This must be done at least one week before moving out. If the inspection is not ordered, it will result in a fine of NOK 1500,-. In addition, the tenant will have to pay per hour if there is need for extra cleaning, see pricing list. The tenant must be present during the inspection.

Other conditions

The landlord has, upon supervision of the apartment, the right to control that all the tenants in the apartment are actual tenants.


All the flats have internet modem. Telenor owns the equipment, and the tenant is responsible for replacement of the equipment in case of caused damage/loss during the contract period.


Upon arrival you will be provided with a key to the main door entrance to your building, your room and your mailbox. Lost keys should be replaced as soon as possible. The tenant will be charged for replacement, see price list.

Overnight visitors

It is allowed to have visitors in the apartment until 14 days once during the tenancy period. The tenant must be in the apartment under the visit. It is not allowed to have frequent overnight visitors even under 14 days.

Security service

The security can, upon all inquiries, ask for ID-card/identification.


You can rent a parking space from Q park. Parking without a parking permission will result to a fine.

Reporting of service neeeds or missing things in the apartment

The tenant reports directly to the janitor thru: – Your page- Inquiry.

By reporting things that are wrong or missing in the apartment, the tenant gives the janitor access to the flat.

Internal moving

Application on internal moving must be sent via our website: – “My user – contract – room change request”. We do not allow internal moving during the period 1 July – 30 September, and it is only allowed with one internal moving during the stay. House rent for both apartments in the period must be paid by the tenant. A minimum 2 moving days and maximum 4 days is usually given.

Control of apartments

The landlord has the duty to control who are living in the apartments. Upon such tenant control, the tenant has the duty to present a valid ID-card/identification to the controller.

Included in the rent

Internet, electricity, cleaning of stairs and corridors, janitorial and security services are included in the rent.

Penalty fee

Fee for unpaid bill is kr 65,-

Renewal of contract

Renewal of contract is done in the month of May every year. Information will be sent prior to this. The apartment will be given to another applicant if the given deadline is not met.