• To apply for housing at Anker Studentbolig, you must first choose 3 apartment types which can match your need in prioritized order. You can then click «Further to application» in order to fill out personal information and upload study documents.
  • If you have applied to study in Oslo/Akershus, you can also apply for housing with us. Upload a Certification from Coordinated admission (Samordna opptak)/others which show your plans for study. In case you have already started at school, you must upload a documentation which proves it.
  • When you have completed the application, you will receive a confirmation thru e-mail that we have received your application.
  • You will be notified thru sms/email if you have been offered an apartment. Please note that there is short acceptance period for the contract. The application will be cancelled after 3 months. So if you still wish an apartment, you would have to renew your application. You will receive a notification with a link to the application.


In case you do not hear from us, something might be wrong with your application.

  1. The documentation is invalid
  2. The application is not complete
  3. You are not eligible for a housing from us.
  4. We do not have available apartment that you have applied for.

Send us an e-mail: Studentbolig@anker.oslo.no so we can take a look at the matter.