You can log in to “Your Page” and find your invoices under Economy in the menu.

The house rent is paid in advance. The house rent will be sent to you approximately on the 20th every month with the due date on the 1st consecutively month. E.g. The house rent for the month of May be sent to you approx. April 20 and must be paid within May 01.


You will be notified every time Anker Studentbolig sends you an invoice per e-mail. Anker Studentbolig does not offer deferral of payment.

We recommend that you use online banking when paying an invoice. You submit for an e-invoice agreement if you pay from online banking.

NB! You can also pay your rent with VIPPS.

Remember that the e-invoice agreement must be approved by you every month as it is not automatically deducted from your account. Read more about e-invoice here:

If you do not pay an invoice by the due date, you will receive a collection notice fee of NOK 65.

If you do not pay the debt collection notice by the due date, the invoice will be registered for debt collection.