Other services :
Use of laundry (wash or dry) in all our laundrys NOK 20 Per machine
Storage rental in Storgata NOK 100 Per month
Bying a Startkit (inflatable matress and duvet/pillow) NOK 650
Curtain sale (only available for Storgata and Trondheimsveien) NOK 100 Per set
Lost/broken key apartment/flat NOK 400 per key
Lost/broken key to mailbox NOK 400 per key
Lost/broken laundry card NOK 200
Covering/removing the smoke detector NOK 1500
Obstruction of emergency exits NOK 1000
Insufficient cleaning of the common kitchen NOK 500
Delayed submission of keys when moving out NOK 1000
Unscheduled cleaning appointment upon moving out NOK 1500 (minimum fee)
Insufficient cleaning of the apartment upon moving out. NOK 500 per hour (min 1 hour)
Disposal of trash, etc. placed in common area NOK 500
Assistance from security guard if you have locked yourself out NOK 800
Smoking in the apartment or common area NOK 1000