When you have signed your contract with Bank ID or by uploading the signed contract your tenancy has been accepted.

On the day your contract starts, the keys and laundry card can be collected from the reception in the housing office at Hausmannsgate 8 K, 0182 Oslo between 14:00 and 15:30.


Remember that the deposit must be paid, a profile picture of youself  must have been uploaded on «my profile» in Your Page and you must bring an valid ID.


You can also come some other day after the contract has started but please note of the opening hours at the housing office.

The housing office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 12:00-16:00.

It is closed during holidays and weekends. In case you need to contact us, our telephone 22997300 is open every weekday between 12:00-16:00.


We would like you to inform us by: Studentbolig@anker.oslo.no if you are not coming on the day the contract starts.

When you have claimed your keys and you have come to your apartment, you will have a checklist available on Your Page. You must fill it out with «Bra» (good) or «Avvik» (deviation). Please note that any «avvik» (deviation) shall only be marked when you need the janitor or the cleaning personnel to come and correct the deviation.

Normal wear should not be marked with deviations.

The electronic checklist must be filled out the same day as you move in to the apartment.