We offer affordable
student housing for Oslo and Akershus students, pupils and apprentices.

Anker STI is a foundation whose purpose is to provide affordable student housing to Oslo and Akershus students, pupils and apprentices.

The profits from the hotel businesses and other commercial operations goes to our students by keeping the prices lower than the marked, maintenance and building more houses.

Anker Studentbolig was opened in 1975, as the Vocational School’s Dormhouse. At this time, only University students had the opportunity to apply for student housing and it was long waitinglists. It was also not easy for cohabitants to get housing in Oslo in general at this time – marriage certificates should preferably be submitted. But at Anker, everyone has always been welcomed. We have several stories from students who moved in at this time and who still remember and appreciate the flexibility that was shown.

Until 2009, Anker Studentbolig offered homes for students only at Anker Torget in Storgata, but from this year on- we opened student housing outside Storgata, Wilsesgate 3 A and B, and Trondheimsveien 37 for the very first time. Since that time we have opened Københavngata 10, Gøteborggata 8 B , and most recently in April 2019 Sandakerveien 76. We have 1733 homes, single-family homes, couples and family apartments, all located in the heart of Oslo.

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We offer a varied and affordable housing offer to Oslo and Akershus` students, students and apprentices, and we strive to help make the study time as good as possible for our residents.

We have housing with complete kitchen for the chef apprentice, the Panorama apartment for the art student who needs good light and the shared kitchens for those who want the opportunity to form a community with the neighbors.

We offer homes with soul, in older buildings or newly refurbished urban farm or factory premises. There is city bike racks close by all our buildings and public transport close to all our locations. We want to create a good living environment, and receive all the input from our tenants with gratitude. A separate resident representative is elected to the Board of the foundation, and the Supervisory Board every other year. We encourage our residents to get involved!

Are you a student, pupil or apprentice?

Anker Studentbolig has several different homes in the center of Oslo, Grünerløkka and Torshov / Sandaker.