• Rules of the house
  • Who can stay at Anker Studentbolig?


    You must be:

    • Between 18 and 36 years old
    • Pupil or student in Oslo/Akershus county either at school, college or university, which is accredited by Loan Fund (lånekasse)
    • Apprentice/trainee in Oslo/Akershus


    Requirements for documentation:

    • Students at college/university: Screen shot of active subjects at Studentweb https://fsweb.no/studentweb/ as well as valid semester card.
    • Apprentice/Trainee: Signed contract (and latest pay slip if the contract start is back in time).
    • Pupils at junior high school (VGS): Signed and stamped certification from the school’s administration on the curriculum and number of school hours.

    Adult education (Voksenopplæring) and Norwegian language courses are not sufficient to be able to apply for housing but can be considered if there is a documentation that you take up other subjects which make up for a full-time study.

    International students must, in addition, upload residence permit and copy of passport.

  • How do I apply?


    • To apply for housing at Anker Studentbolig, you must first choose 3 apartment types which can match your need in prioritized order. You can then click “Further to application” in order to fill out personal information and upload study documents.
    • If you have applied to study in Oslo/Akershus, you can also apply for housing with us. Upload a Certification from Coordinated admission (Samordna opptak)/others which show your plans for study. In case you have already started at school, you must upload a documentation which proves it.
    • When you have completed the application, you will receive a confirmation thru e-mail that we have received your application.
    • You will be notified thru sms/email if you have been offered an apartment. Please note that there is short acceptance period for the contract. The application will be cancelled after 3 months. So if you still wish an apartment, you would have to renew your application. You will receive a notification with a link to the application.


    In case you do not hear from us, something might be wrong with your application.

    1. The documentation is invalid
    2. The application is not complete
    3. You are not eligible for a housing from us.
    4. We do not have available apartment that you have applied for.

    Send us an e-mail: Studentbolig@anker.oslo.no so we can take a look at the matter.

  • How much is the deposit and how is it paid?

    The deposit is about 2 months house rental. Please see the last page in the given contract.

    The deposit must be paid before you can claim the keys to your apartment. If you pay a day before or the same day as you want to claim the keys, you must bring a receipt or a phone screen shot showing the transaction has been completed.

    You can pay the deposit through “Your Page” or by using the account information which you can find on the last page of your contract. If you pay through Your Page using VISA or Mastercard, there will be a fee of 100 NOK to the card merchant.

  • Will I receive interest on the deposit?



    Since this is a question of renting student housing, other rules apply normally to a deposit. Interest on the deposit account accrues to the landlord, the deposit is deposited into a joint deposit account with the landlord. (cf. Section 11-2 / Section 3-5 of the Rent Act).

  • I have a foreign bank account and have to transfer house rent or deposit, what do I do?

    Info needed when doing a payment from abroad:


    IBAN: NO81 90010628759

    Name of beneficiary: Anker Studentbolig

    BANK: Sparebank 1, PB. 778 Sentrum, 0106 Oslo

    Payment must be made in NOK

  • What should I do when I move in?


    When you have signed your contract with Bank ID or by uploading the signed contract your tenancy has been accepted.

    On the day your contract starts, the keys and laundry card can be collected from the reception in the housing office at Hausmannsgate 8 K, 0182 Oslo between 14:00 and 15:30.


    Remember that the deposit must be paid, a profile picture of youself  must have been uploaded on “my profile” in Your Page and you must bring an valid ID.


    You can also come some other day after the contract has started but please note of the opening hours at the housing office.

    The housing office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 12:00-16:00.

    It is closed during holidays and weekends. In case you need to contact us, our telephone 22997300 is open every weekday between 12:00-16:00.


    We would like you to inform us by: Studentbolig@anker.oslo.no if you are not coming on the day the contract starts.

    When you have claimed your keys and you have come to your apartment, you will have a checklist available on Your Page. You must fill it out with “Bra” (good) or “Avvik” (deviation). Please note that any “avvik” (deviation) shall only be marked when you need the janitor or the cleaning personnel to come and correct the deviation.

    Normal wear should not be marked with deviations.

    The electronic checklist must be filled out the same day as you move in to the apartment.


  • Where can I park in connection with moving in and out?



    The area is regulated by Q-park. Upon moving in and out, the tenant could get a temporary parking ticket from Q-park parking pad during opening hours at our reception. It is not possible to get it after opening hours. Please note that you must write the registration number of the car as well as your mobile phone number. Parking is allowed for 2 hours from the time the ticket is registered. Parking is only allowed on the unmarked parking space outside the house in Storgata where you will move in.

    In case you are moving in after our opening hours, you must look after the car upon moving in and out. Parking is at your own risk. We recommend that you turn on the flashing light to indicate short-term stop and have someone with you to stay with the car.


    Københavngata 10

    The area is regulated by Q-park. Upon moving in and out, the two parking slots which are marked with “inn/utflytt” by the ramp in the garage can be used. The maximum time to stay at the ramp is 30 minutes. From the ramp, you will have access to the door leading to the elevator area.  If the parking slots are not available, you can get a temporary guest parking permit from Joker outside Københavngata 10. Please contact the staff for more information.


    Gøteborggata 8B

    There is ordinary street parking outside Gøteborggata 8B. Parking is at your own risk.


    Wilsesgate 3 A/B
    There is ordinary street parking outside Wilsesgate 3 A/B. Parking is at your own risk.


    Trondheimsveien 37
    There is ordinary street parking outside Trondheimsveien 37. Parking is at your own risk.


    Sandakerveien 76
    The area is regulated by Q-park and Europark. It is not possible to park the car in the garage as it is used only for short-term loading/unloading where you normally do not leave the car. The nearest possible elevator to building B is in the upper floor to the right as you drive in. While the nearest possible elevator to building A is at the lower floor. Parking is at your own risk.

  • What is my address?



    House 2 : Room number, Storgata 57, 0182 Oslo
    House 3 : Room number, Storgata 59, 0182 Oslo
    House 4 : Room number, Storgata 61, 0182 Oslo
    House 5 : Room number, Storgata 63, 0182 Oslo
    House 6 : Room number, Storgata 65, 0182 Oslo
    House 7 : Room number, Storgata 95, 0182 Oslo
    House 8 : Room number, Storgata 69, 0182 Oslo
    House 9 : Room number, Storgata 79, 0182 Oslo
    House 10: Room number, Storgata 83, 0182 Oslo
    House 11: Room number, Storgata 87, 0182 Oslo


    Room number, Trondheimsveien 37, 0560 Oslo

    Room number, Wilsesgate 3 a/b, 0178 Oslo

    Room number, Københavngata 10, 0566 Oslo

    Room number, Gøteborggata 8B, 0566 Oslo

    Room number, Sandakerveien 76 A/B, 0484 Oslo


    Example of address
    Ola Hansen
    C/o Room number 750
    Storgata 63
    0182 Oslo

  • Where do I find my mail box?


    When you move in to our housing, you must remember to change address thru Altinn.no and Posten.no.

    You will find necessary address information on your contract.

    Please see:



    Your mailbox is located differently depending on the area you live in.

    The mailbox is marked with House/address/room number.

    • Storgata: The mailbox is found inside the Joker store in Storgata 97. It is marked with your house number and room number, ex: 06-632. Remember: You shall not put name on the mailbox. The name is on the back side of the mailbox as it is a mail room behind it. The housing office takes care of it after you have moved in.
    • Københavngata: The mailbox is found inside the mail room in the 1st floor. The door is to the left when you enter the student entrance. You must put your name on your mailbox in order to receive mail.
    • Trondheimsveien: The mailbox is located in the basement (one floor down from entrance). You must put your name on your mailbox in order to receive mail.
    •  Wilsesgate: The mailbox is located outside the building. You must put your name on your mailbox in order to receive mail.
    • Gøteborggata: The mailbox is inside the corridor by the main entrance. You must put your name on your mailbox in order to receive mail.
    • Sandakerveien 76 A eller B: The mailbox is inside the main entrance in building B. You must put your name on your mailbox in order to receive mail.

    Important information from the post office:

    Mail to the mailbox which is not clearly marked with legible name of the tenant will be sent back to the sender. Please refer to Post ACT§ 19, Post Regulations § 14.

    If handwritten name tags are used (which Norway Post does not recommend), block letters and clear writings must be used, in legible size. It is also an advantage if you ask your connections to include house number in the address (example: Kari Student, House number H0201, Studentbyveien 1, 0123 Oslo). Then you facilitate the work for the postman and ensure that the mail arrives as quickly as possible.

    Mailbox signs can be ordered at: https://skiltbutikken.posten.no/postkasseskilt

  • How can I activate the Internet?


    Remember that the janitor / housing Office cannot help you with the internet.

    You get a personal customer relationship with Telenor even though the internet is included in the rent. Please remember that we do not pay for faster internet, then you must make a personal agreement with an upgrade with Telenor.

    In your apartment you have a modem and associated cables. If you want wireless network (WIFI), you need to buy / bring your own router and connect it to the modem. (Note: Does not apply to Gøteborggata or Sandakerveien as there is a multimodem with router).

    When you move into the apartment, you must call Telenor: 91509000 to register.

    You must provide the customer number for your area:

    • Storgata: 20545852
    • Københavngata: 21149883
    • Trondheimsveien: 20912348
    • Wilsesgate: 20646126
    • Gøteborggata: 21877786
    • Sandakerveien 76 A og B: 21808686

    You must state that you are a tenant at Anker Studenbolig, address and housing number.

    NB! Please note that you must be at the apartment when you make the call to Telenor.


    If you have problems with the internet, you should also contact Telenor.

    Remember that you can check operations notices online via:


    Our agreement with them is to help all our residents with internet problems – we take the bill if they must send new internet equipment.

    The equipment should remain in the apartment when you move out. Feel free to contact us if you do not receive the help you should have received, after conversations with Telenor.


  • How does the Laundry work?

    You will be given a laundry chip upon moving in.

    Your laundry chip must be refilled with money before you can use it at the laundry. This is not included in the rent. Please also note that in case of a lost chip, the outstanding amount is not refundable. You should use up the amount before moving out.


    Follow the link to log in with your chip number: https://web.payperwash.com/KLIK0001/

    To log in to the page the username / password is: THE NUMBER ON THE CHIP. You may want to save the address as a  bookmark.

    Price per wash: 20 kr

    Price per dry: 20 kr

  • Where is the laundry?


    Storgata: The laundry is located in house 11 with entrance at the back of the main entrance (lower level). You have to use your laundry chip to get in, it is an electronic  key reader on the left side of the door.

    Trondheimsveien: Downstairs (basement).

    Wilsesgate: Downstairs (basement) in building A.

    Københavngata: Ground floor, enter the door at the elevators / staircase, enter the next door straight ahead marked “Laundry”.

    Gøteborggata: Downstairs, first door to the right as you come down the stairs. Door is marked “Laundry”.

    Sandakerveien 76: Downstairs in building B. The door is marked “Laundry.”


  • How do I get in touch with the janitor?


    To register an inquiry to the janitor, you must do it through “Your page”. You can write a comment on the problem and upload photos.

    Our janitors work every day in the weekdays between 08:00-16:00. You will get help as soon as they can. You can follow up on your own case via “My page” and get feedback from the janitor.

    Please note that the janitor may enter the apartment if you are not home to fix the problem. They do not have the opportunity to arrange time directly with our tenants.

    In case of emergency situations such as water leaks, etc., you must contact the security immediately! Please note that failure to notify in such circumstances is considered a breach of contract and may cause you to become liable for any damage to your apartment. If you have an acute problem, our security guards can help you.

  • I need to contact the Security



    If you see or experience any unauthorized persons in the area or need help, please call our 24-hour Security Service thru telephone: (+47) 90123952.

    It should be quiet at Anker Studentbolig after 23:00. Read more about house rules on this page.

    Noise or unease that is annoying to other residents is also not allowed. If you experience this, you can also call our Security Service for assistance.


    Note: If you have locked yourself out of the apartment, the security guards can help you, but it will incur a lock-in fee.


  • When will I receive the house rent and how can I pay?


    You can log in to “Your Page” and find your invoices under Economy in the menu.

    The house rent is paid in advance. The house rent will be sent to you approximately on the 20th every month with the due date on the 1st consecutively month. E.g. The house rent for the month of May be sent to you approx. April 20 and must be paid within May 01.


    You will be notified every time Anker Studentbolig sends you an invoice per e-mail. Anker Studentbolig does not offer deferral of payment.

    We recommend that you use online banking when paying an invoice. You submit for an e-invoice agreement if you pay from online banking.

    NB! You can also pay your rent with VIPPS.

    Remember that the e-invoice agreement must be approved by you every month as it is not automatically deducted from your account. Read more about e-invoice here: https://www.efaktura.no/privat

    If you do not pay an invoice by the due date, you will receive a collection notice fee of NOK 65.

    If you do not pay the debt collection notice by the due date, the invoice will be registered for debt collection.

  • Service charges and fees

    Other services :
    Use of laundry (wash or dry) in all our laundrys NOK 20 Per machine
    Storage rental in Storgata NOK 100 Per month
    Bying a Startkit (inflatable matress and duvet/pillow) NOK 650
    Curtain sale (only available for Storgata and Trondheimsveien) NOK 100 Per set
    Lost/broken key apartment/flat NOK 400 per key
    Lost/broken key to mailbox NOK 400 per key
    Lost/broken laundry card NOK 200
    Covering/removing the smoke detector NOK 1500
    Obstruction of emergency exits NOK 1000
    Insufficient cleaning of the common kitchen NOK 500
    Delayed submission of keys when moving out NOK 1000
    Unscheduled cleaning appointment upon moving out NOK 1500 (minimum fee)
    Insufficient cleaning of the apartment upon moving out. NOK 500 per hour (min 1 hour)
    Disposal of trash, etc. placed in common area NOK 500
    Assistance from security guard if you have locked yourself out NOK 800
    Smoking in the apartment or common area NOK 1000
  • I think I received the wrong invoice, who do I contact?



    If you have noticed that something is wrong with your invoice or want to get in touch with our finance department, please contact: Studentokonomi@anker.oslo.no

  • I have received a debt collection claim, what do I do?



    If you have noticed that something is wrong with your invoice or want to get in touch with our finance department, please contact: Studentokonomi@anker.oslo.no

    If your rent has been registered for debt collection, you will receive a letter from the company with a payment request.

    Please note that if payment request from dept. collection is not paid by due date, the Enforcement Office (Namsfogden) in Oslo will be contacted for an eviction.

  • Do you wish to move out from Anker Studentbolig?



    Termination of the tenancy agreement must be done electronic from Your Page by going to “Contracts” in the menu and press “terminate”. After you have fullfilled a few steps to submit the termination, you will get an receipt sent to your e-mail as confirmation.

    Please note it is two calender months notice period, and the apartment must be terminated by the last day of each month. So if you terminate the contract for example in December, you have termination time until last day of February.

    NB! Anker Studentbolig cannot reduce the termination time.

  • Moving out from Anker Studentbolig, what to do?


    The apartment must be emptied and cleaned according to our standard before delivering the keys.

    Remember to check your postbox and empty your storage room, if you have one.

    Please see: See checklist for cleaning upon moving out. 

    The service office will conduct an inspection after the housingoffice has received your keys.

    If you have been informed of some lack of cleaning after moving out, it will not be possible to rectify this after you have moved out. The cleaning fee is 500 kr per commenced hour.   

    The keys and laundry chip must be delivered latest within 11:00 in the morning the day your contract ends.

    The keys must be on a keyring (no lose keys) and you must put them in to the keysafe dropbox outside the entrance to the Serviceoffice in Storgata 65 (right beside the Joker shop).

    You can access the keysafe dropbox at all hours since it’s located outside the officewall.

    Do you live in Sandakerveien 76, Gøteborggata 8B or Københavngata 10?

    Then you must deliver them in a postbox in the Joker Shop in Københavngata 10. Please note they are open every day between 08:00-23:00.  

  • I want to deliver the key after opening hours of the housing office, what do I do?


    You can deliver the keys in the key-safe-drop box outside the Service Office (entrance at the back of Hausmannsgate 8 K). The keys cannot be loose and must be connected together on a key holder. Please note that this is at your own responsibility.

    Remember to empty your mailbox and storage room before delivering keys.


  • Fire Safety Instructions
  • Fire controlpanel instructions

    If you live in Storgata you will not be able to reset the alarm. The alarm will go off at Anker Security who goes out to check your home and cancel the alarm.

    If you live in Wilsesgate, Trondheimsveien, Københavngata or Gøteborggata read here. 

    If you live in Sandakerveien read the instructions here.