Sandakerveien 76 A og B

At Sandaker / Torshov you will find our newest residential complex with 386 student apartments. The building is brand new from 2019 and has a modern and fresh look, from the inside and out. The building is divided into Sandakerveien A and B and is idyllically situated a short distance to Akerselva, Storo Shopping Center and Metro, BI Nydalen and Thorshov. There is a large and beautiful roof terrace that residents can use with a magical view of Oslo. Sandakerveien 76 is suitable for those who want to live in a quiet area and at the same time have the center of Oslo in the immediate vicinity.

Right outside the building is the bus stop “Sandaker” where the 30 bus to Nydalen passes and just below Sandakerveien 76 A and B, you will find the tram stop “Grefsenveien” with the 11, 12 and 13 tram. It’s approx. 6 minutes walk to Storo Metro which will take you quickly to all areas of Oslo. The nearest city bike rack is Bjølsendumpa.

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In Sandakerveien 76 there are 386 apartments of varying sizes according to your needs:

1-room single apartment 18-22 m2, 1-room apartment 23-26m2, Large 1-room apartment 27-29m2 and 2-room couple apartment 29-30m2. The apartments in Sandakerveien is suitable for those who want to live alone, are a couple or two good friends.

Sandakerveien 76 is located at Torshov / Sandaker next to the river “Akerselva”. Torshov is described as “the new Grünerløkka” with many bars, restaurants and shops. You will find among other bars and restaurants, “Hvaskjer” or in English: “Whatsup”, a clubhouse with several events and concerts. If you like to swim or seek recreation then Nydalen Elvebad is only 7 minutes away where they have made a beautiful bath in the river that is very popular during summer. Sandakerveien 76 is very close to BI Nydalen as it only takes 6 minutes to walk. There is a Kiwi shop in the same building where you can take the elevator downstairs (to the garage) and take the escalator from there straight into the store. In other words, you don’t have to go outside.

See the neighbourhood.

In Sandakerveien 76, the laundry is downstairs on the B-side. Read more about the laundry and how to use it here.

In Sandakerveien 76, the parking is regulated by two companies, both Q-park long-term parking (lower level) and Euro Park, Kiwi’s customer parking (upper level). Outside Sandakerveien 76, the municipality of Oslo controls the parking.

When moving in / moving out, we recommend that you drive into the garage for easy access to the elevators to both A and B side.

If you are moving in/out from the B-side: turn to the right when accessing the garage (stay on upper level). Find the door straight to the right that leads in to the elevator. You have access with your key.

If you are moving in to the A-side: you must use your key to open the lower parking level, drive down and find the door straight forward that leads to the elevator. We recommend that one person is watching the car when unloading the car, since it’s not possible to leave the car unattended since you might risk a fine from the parking companies.

Your mailbox can be found in the main entrance in the first floor of the B-side. To receive mail, you must report change of address to Posten yourself. You must also remember to put your name on your mailbox in order to receive post.

All apartments in Sandakerveien 76 is enclosed with a storage unit. Your storage unit is marked with the same number as your residential number starting with A or B. Remember that you must bring your own padlock and lock it when moving in, so nobody else starts using it. Can’t find your storage unit? Please see the map for the basement/garage, it’s a quite big area!  See map. 

You can park your bike in the bicycle parking room in the basement. Bicycles parked on site are under your own responsibility.

All garbage must be thrown in containers in the garbage room downstairs of the A building. If you live in the B section, you have to cross the courtyard and enter the main entrance to the A and go downstairs or go through the garage.

Please note everyone living in Oslo is required to separate their trash. Read more about it. If you dont separate your trash, please note we separate paper/cardboard and trash in the garbage room. The containers are visibly marked with what goes where. Make sure the cardboard is torn up before throwing it in the paper container.


Sandakerveien 76, 0484 Oslo